Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Last First Day of School in SPH

Finally, an update after an incredibly long holiday absence. When it comes to holidays, I'm as lazy as I could be.

31st July

Anyways, last night I slept as if I have never slept at the first place. I had a new driver, and guess what? I'm riding on a GAY-BLUE HONDA JAZZ!! OH JOY!!

I entered the school grounds, and it's just orange bricks and green doors and white hallways and orange bricks again. How I love it. I took a peek at the class list, and it consists of these people (nama disamarkan): Yasuhiro, Hiroyama, Isao, me, Kazuaki, Seiji, Chisame, Kumiko, Megumi, Satsuki, Kaede, and last but not least, Arisa, our new Megawati/Hillary Clinton of Student Council. A small class of 12, but I guarantee the noise level is equal to what 24 people make. Truth be told, the thought of me being in one homeroom with Satsuki seemed inconceivable, but it happened. My friends, be careful what you wish for next time; they might come true the moment you look away!

Apart from that, I had new teachers for English and Physics. I did get a new one for Bahasa Indonesia, but apparently not the teacher who's new to the school. They are:

Mr. Steven Poindexter for English. Apparently the first African-American SPH staff,he resembles Mr. Lance too much for it to be true. Strict but scarily humorous, I say he's quite the right teacher that we need in times like these (in terms of getting ready for May exams), but the English class will surely miss Ms. Jess.

Bu Sheila Dharmadi for Physics. Met her before when assisting our late Mr. Graham, she's my homeroom teacher as well. She makes it clear and simple for us to grasp the concepts easily, but she lacks further insight. heck, who needs insight at standard level?

on the last 2 periods was some sort of MOS, although not the one you see everyday. Here we attempt to pre-empt the Olympic Games which starts ONE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY, and each grade from 7 thru 12 represents a country very rarely heard of in a specific continent. My grade was Oceania, and I represent Vanuatu (go ask your nearest geography victims where the hell it is). We had a couple of games, and I participated in shooting a piece of Milo cereal using a straw and aiming for the target's mouth, who is sadly covered from head to waist with shaving cream. and what's even more beautiful, the water in the gymnasium, where the events are held, had a water shortage. YAYS. I missed all of my shots, though. I should be proud.

well, what a great last first day of school! I expect greater amounts of insanity and chaos, so I wish to utilize my time to the fullest, this year being my last at SPH. I'll be shitting orange bricks by then.