Saturday, March 21, 2009


...was the movie I watched today. But getting to the mall to watch it, precisely in PIM, was very annoying. gua perlu hampir dua jam cuma buat kesana, biasa ga nyampe setengah kurun waktu buat kesana. Apa gara-gara ada kampanye rally ato emang orang pada keluar semua abis ujan, gak ngerti gua.

(no way out - winnie)

And then as I'm watching the movie, I realize that his life, like many other people, have friendships that are meaningful; they luagh together, they spend good times together, they have conflicts with each other--

now that last part is what I'm come for all the years of my school life I can't remember one moment that me and any of my friends had an argument (for girls) or a fight with (for boys)? I mean, for example, all the time I spend with my friends, very very rarely I get into a fight with them. if there were any, that was when we were in high school. And since it's those conflicts that make friendship bonds stronger, then could I say that my friendships are just , bland?

But despite that, I think it is actually some aorta weird blessing that I don't have to experience any type of hardships and problems with my friends; I aready had enough from the problems in my family. still, I don't know the reason why this is so.

oh well, just some thought id like to share. besok mungkin gua pergi lagi entah ke mana...

(The Man From Nagpur - Quasimode)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mock Exams and Persona 4 Don't Match I am actually continuing what I wrote after almost 5 months... Blogger yang sangat ga produktif yak....

OK so anyways, today was the final day of my mock exams ( not over yet for most of my mateys, they're having bio next monday and I don't HAHAHA ;P). To sum the whole thing up in 15 words or less, it is as follows:
English paper 1: didn't know what I realy wrote.
paper 2: My pen was on fire. booyah.
Indonesian paper 1: sudah biasa...cakewalk
paper 2: I was on a 'trance'; didn't know what crap I wrote
Business paper 1: moderate; not too shabby, not to shiny either.
paper 2: WOW.  didn't expect it to be THAT hard. But I think I did good....hopefully.
ITGS paper 1: WTF artificial intelligence
paper 2: for the first time in doing these ones, gua ngebacotnya dikit banget....
paper 3: If I don't get a 7 (IB scale), I'm gonna cry.
Physics ( which I saw the results already, right before math exams):
paper 1: 50%
paper 2: 50%
paper 3: not even close to 50%
Conclusion? FAIL.
paper 2: easier compared to paper 1, but I only answered 80% of the questions.

and now I'm FREE! 3 straight days of freedom, while my bio peeps study their butts off xP.

Besok rencananya gua mau nonton KambingJantan, penasaran juga gua hasil akhir tu pilem. Abis itu mau ngelanjutin Persona 4, yang barusan sebelum ngetik ini entry udah selesai ngalahin shadow Naoto... personanya kecil2 cabe rawit euy! and I've been playing it throughout the whole course of the exam weeks as well. Yes, soon-to-be IB-victims, mocks is purposely set to commence after you have everything else done; projects, assignments, lab reports, portfolios, whatevers. and the psychoogy behind it is that you get demotivated to study for mocks, and then in the end you get bad results, regret it, and compensate your hours of slacking off during mocks dedicated to rigorous, focused, almost trance-like studying. It's good sih, but it's sorta depressing for a start, so yea...X|

( my neck hurts...)