Wednesday, May 6, 2009

first days of torture + my personal project novel.

It's a Wednesday and I'm stressing out on studying math, so I decided to take a short break and tell you guys how I did on the first 3 exams:
english A2HL paper 1: PWND.
BI A1 SL paper 1: Interesting story, but a bit hard to analyze...SEPOTONG TANGAN UNTUK CINTA BEIBEH!
BI A1 SL paper 2: I got pwned. Padahal pertanyaannya gampang. Mungkin gara ga cukup niat hafalin novelnya sih...

BESOK MATH! mikirinnya aja gua udah berat nafas's now or November >.<

so to fill this post up I'm going to copypasta, upon request, my novel I did for PP...I have to say the overall story's crappy, but it's worth the nostalgia reading it... so here you go!

Titlenya "The Unspoken Truth"


Dreams are always a mystery that’s incomprehensible even today. It’s like entering to another kind of world, a magical realm, I suppose. Each day, each week, each month, they are always different to different kind of people. And it’s weird how some people study on how dreams work, and it’s also amazing how premonitions in dream really do come true. But some dreams hold important meanings. Some dreams hold messages. Some dreams….hold a destiny uninterrupted by fate, but by what we do.
It took place in a cloudy morning. It was a dream with sepia tones all over, even though I was just entering class.
As I gazed over at the faces of my classmates, they showed no signs of expression, bland, dull faces, facing the whiteboard. I had wanted to ask, but no words came out. I panicked for a while, looking at my classmates again. This time I realized that they had no faces, so I couldn’t tell which one was which, even though I have been renowned for identifying students across the school.
Then, it appeared.
Seven out of thirty classmates suddenly exerted an aura of bleak darkness, as if it was tainted. And then, that darkness devoured them in different ways. One was literally smashed into pieces like a mirror, one dissipated into energy orbs; one even had been slashed into pieces, blood spilling out of their body like a fountain. It was a nihilistic sight.
The ground shook. All that I can see had evaporated into an endless space of grey.
I was floating in this emptiness, and I was falling down. It was getting dark at the bottom, and suddenly a person materialized directly in front of me. His appearance scared me to near death. My body rapidly stops operating, as if I had come to the end.
My head bumped the wall.
I was fully awake. I was still in my room. I was still alive.
”Ugh, one of those dreams again…” I mumbled as I let the light from outside invade every corner of my room. It was fairly shiny with little clouds in the air. The clock positioned itself to show that it’s 6 in the morning.
And I’m still wondering.

hmmm...gua bingung how to post chapter 1 because it worth more than 4000 words (LOL)...well, I fI do I'm just gonna do it in the next post, so see ya...*back to math*

Friday, May 1, 2009

last days of school....and the road to exam hell

Monday and Tuesday weere one of the last days I could ever study like normal and wear my highschool uniform as a normal teenager... when exams are underway I'd be quite far from a normal student; I'd be an insomniatic (is that a word?), extreme school nerd who enslaves his mind on the subjects he's going to take exams on and nothing else, with a cold poker face once he enters the exam room.....*shiver*

anywas, Monday was quite a unique highlight as us seniors as a grade played a 'farewell' prank to the juniors....jadi kami ngumpul di koridor lantai 3 yang ada komputer labnya....terus kami semua bikin baris di sisi2 koridor...dan siapapun adik kelas yang lewatin baris kita bakalan di sambut kayak superstar (tepuk tangan, di foto, dikerumunin, disorakin, etc.)...karena kasian kita cuma kerjain adik kelas cowok, tapi ada juga satu-dua adik kelas cewek yang dikerjain... terus lama mereka jadi takut lewatin koridor tersebut....masih ada sih yang berani, tapi tetep aja pada akhirnya jadi kapok, LOL. klimaksnya waktu mr chris yang lewat, sorak +tepuktangan + kerumuninnya paling hebat, sampe mr chris (sumpah mati) sampe bikin muka XD yg jarang bgt kliatan...pokonya seru deh, sayang gua ga bisa dapet best angle soalnya gua agak telat dateng...hahahaha

Tuesday, which was practically our last day, was fun. not great fun, but good fun. our last prank (?) is that boys'll be wearing colorful ties and girls colorful ties +fancy socks....which sounds normal to me but a few, if not some adik kelas are making these faces at us...hohohohoho. anyways, we had special luncheon, in which the teachers prayed for us and we attempted to sing our graduation song, which is from the musical "Wicked!", but right now I forgot the title of the song so I'll tell you if I remember. terus ada the last round of interhouse badminton tournament, which in the end merapi collectively WON! ALRIIIIIGHT. With the ending of the tourament also rings the last school bell I'll ever hear for a long time.....

and then rabu sampe minggu libur. well, not libur sih, I'm studying studyin studying. and I haven't even finished revising math. OH TIDAK T__T

oh, and to fortyword's request the next blog posts will feature my novel I did for my personal projec, The Unspoken Truth! It might sound crappy at first (well maybe it actually is), but do havea read! until then, totaloo!

(The Epic of Zektbach ~Ristaccia~)