Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Few Things....

It's been awhile (again) since I've updated my I'm going dot-point mode:

- I'm still taking my ujian paket c (this ujian kesetaraan thingy so that I can have a national certificate of SMA completion aside from IB Diploma (Results in 11 days!!11!)) and tomorrow is MATEMATIKA....Pak Purba's wisdom be upon me.

- I've been thinking about the topic of love when fellow blogger fortywords mentioned the point that I'm contemplating myself if I should continue to love her,or if it can be dangerous if I do so in the long term...I may be lucky I'm in love with my best friend , but it ma not be for the better of both of us...

- PSX games yet to be played: Rival Schools series, skullmonkeys, Abe's odyssey and exodus (DANG I haven't finished BOTH of them yet!)

- I wanna try photography with lomo camera~ AND I want (read:need) a new lens....but what mm, I wonder?

-I have not organized my bookshelves OR my digital files...yes, blame me and my laziness

-Tanggal 1 Juli gua pendaftaran ulang buat UI, I wonder when is orientation time....

After 1st of July I'll be in frictional unemployment mode.....what should I do till then?

"Tooi Machikado" - ROUND TABLE

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Dance Under the Starry Night Sky

Yesterday I only slept 30 minutes :P, but I wasn't that much sleepy, instead I was pretty much very active with my incessant hysterical laughter and fits of craziness....yet it was a night that I can never forget even though I might have Alzheimer's disease.

Yesterday, 4.00 PM.

I finally took a bath, making sure my hair did not touch the water after being vermaak'ed in the salon. My yellowish orange tie was ready, along with my medium gray suit and dark shirt and pants and shoes.

6.00 PM

Dammit, I was way too early. I thought by leaving at 5 I would avoid being late because of traffic, but I have proven myself once again that I'm a bit too punctual for parties at times. So I dropped my sleepover stuff at Ms Judy's room and walked slowly along the process just to waste time.

7.30 PM

Almost all of the class of '09 have arrived. Strangely, my song requests played early. oh well, it's fun hearing it anyway.

7.45 PM
The Thriller song came out a bit earlier than expected as well! After a very brief moment of panic, my group date gathered in the center and performed the dance anyway. While the others enjoyed watching us, especially because it was unexpected, I do think I was humiliating myself, me being in the front row and all.

9.15 PM

The Prom King and Queen were announced, Andrew T and Steph G! They were a surprisingly cute couple, due to their shyness and naiveness (I guess), very sweet nonetheless. They were even cuter when they danced.

Entah kapan PM

Beberapa orang ikut maju berdansa dengan Raja dan Ratu Prom. Radit dan Resham pun juga sudah mulai berdansa. Gua agak risuh dalam hati. Sekarang atau tidak sama sekali, gua pikir. Hati gua berdebar-debar. Akhirnya gua menghabiskan minuman air putih gua dan berdiri. Gua ulurkan tanganku, mengajaknya berdansa. Dia permisi dengan Alice dan Ed ML yang baru selesai berbincang kepadanya. Kami pun menuju lantai dansa dan mulai berdansa pelan-pelan dengan memegang bahu masing-masing. Dia mengomentari manisnya Dita dan pacarnya Narendra berdansa. Gua hanya tersenyum melihatnya. Gua melihat Radit dan Resham berdansa. Dalam sudut pandang gua sepertinya keduanya cukup menghayatinya (padahal sebenernya bukan begitu, Resham cuma takut bajunya keinjek). Gua nyoba gerakan memutar kepadanya. Gua salah posisinya dan cara megang tangan dia. Dia hampir mau jatuh tapi gua menahannya. Kami cuma tertawa. Seterusnya dia sekali-kali menengok disekitarnya melihat pasangan yang lain berdansa. Gua juga sama, tapi selain itu, gua hanya tersenyum melihatnya. Saat musik habis, dia mengajak beberapa teman lain, but dansa grup (yang kayak dansa dalam satu lingkaran gede itu loh), gua ambil kamera. Pada akhirnya, hanya ada satu perasaan yang gua rasakan saat berdansa dengannya.

Perasaan sayang.

1.00 AM

the sleepover (or wake over as some people call it) has begun and is ongoing. We toured some of lippo, practically humiliated ourselves on the way, and annoyed some strangers. We even went to the Cox's residence and took a pic of us "sleeping" in Mr. Brian's bed! I think my team was the first and only team to do that.

3.00 AM

After the bonfire, we did a prank on our juniors and would love to see the look on their faces on Monday. :P

4.30 AM

Some of us started to get wild and crazy due to exhaustion, hunger, and lack of sleep. I was both sleeping and awake during this time. Gua liat orang main Naruto di PS2 lah, main Wii lah, main kartu lah, ngobrol lah, iseng2an lah.

7.00 AM

In total I have only slept for 30 minutes. It was breakfast. there was bread, mie goreng, banana, cereal, and chocolate.

9.00 AM

I slept like a log.

This was the last time I can meet the class of '09 together. I hope we can do this some other time, aside from the upcoming Bali trip!

....dan aku masih akan sayang padamu :)