Saturday, July 4, 2009


Right now I feel that my 3rd other self inside me is hating my best(?) friend right now. I think it must be my Envy persona. Nevertheless, my Superego persona is still on the process to oust and neutralize it....

Anyways, I remembered to blog because first of all, for some nitwit reason I can't turn on my MSN or access Facebook (which I refresh every 20 minute or so). I was reminded by other things whne this happened, one of which was to start blogging again. Since I'm practically stuck in my room for a cumulative total of 14 hours today, I really don't have much to write (or, not much of quality stories/things to tell).

By the way, V6 is out in Mal Artha Gading! Whew, can't wait for my parents to get a revelation to go there, hehehehe.

Rachel a.k.a. Arisa Kusunoki has left Indo now...up next is Edward ML, a.k.a. Nagata Shinden, which I think will depart on the 10th of July...[I wonder why I keep referring them to the Japanese names I made up for them since grade 11...]

2 days ago I was cleaning out my room using a vacuum cleaner. In the process, I decided to clean my electronic compartments as well, so I grabbed myself a screw driver, to first clean out my desktop computer of those pesky cotton-like gray matter called dust. Sure enough, when I opened its outer "shell", there were a plethora of them, so off I go to work, starting with the outsides first, then the base of the compartment, then finally the motherboard, which was the more tedious than the others because of the minuscule dust particles that cling to the smallest of transistors and chips. Then I moved on to my laptop, which in my knowledge was pretty dusty as well. So I screwed open the lid, and went with my vacuum chores. When I was finished, I forgot to turn off the vacuum and a second or two later I accidentally aimed the nose to where the 4 screws was, and 2 of them got sucked right in. I was alarmed by the clanking sound and with reflex pulled it away and hurriedly turn the vacuum cleaner off. Slightly dumbfounded, I regained my momentum and try to fathom what has happened. After realizing my stupidity, I grudgingly screwed in the remaining bolts and stopped my cleaning there. It's kinda customary for me to stop what I do when I start to suck at it; especially at video games and the like.

I'd love to share to you guys the video I uploaded on Facebook, some sorta "boredom webcam show", but it's still unresponsive as we speak...hope it doesn't continue until tomorrow.

Ah yes, remember the Personal Project story I promised to share, but I only pasted in the prologue as of now? Now, I've uploaded the WHOLE THING to, a website that can enable you to upload and share documents, much like YouTube and uploading and sharing videos. I'm going to post the link to the prologue (again in case you forgot) and chapter 1, and then work my way to 2 chapters per blog post.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the class mates are based on people in my class of '09. I'll tell you who's who in a while...but not now. hehehe

"One Phrase Blues - Hideyuki Ono"


[hamtaroo] said...

should've put the URL link to the web link that you posted in your blog!

Dr Voltspersecond said...

@donny: uhhh, maksudnya?