Monday, August 11, 2008

I hate delaying myself.

You guessed it, and I hate myself for this. I was determined to post an entry the day after my birthday, August 9, but I eventually made an asshole of myself and delaying it at a work night like this. So here we go.

August 9

Damn right it's my birthday. At exactly 12:00 my good friend Mikiko shouted happy birthday on MSN, along with Yukiko 12 minutes later (although I went offline before that time and read her message when I woke up). When I did wake up, my family said happy birthday (including my cousin who routinely stayed at my house on weekends), and the text messages came by, from my friends and from my cousins. I also checked Facebook, and there were happy birthday walls to me as well, all of which I replied them, short and sweet, saying thank you in a different language to each of them, the linguamaniac I am (hey, that's a new word right there).

A 6 P.M. we wen to the desired place to celebrate my 17th birthday, specifically at F Bar in e.X. On my way, I shockingly found out that Hayato and Mitsunobu were already at e.X. (but not at the venue) about an hour earlier, and they said they're playing some pool before the party. And on top of that I find Akemi to arrive here earlier as well because her mother insisted her so. Alas, I told her to wander off at Kinokuniya for a while until I arrive at the reastaurant.

When I did, I asked Hayato and Mitsunobu to come up and Akemi as well, and they both arrive not too long after. One by one they started coming, some of them with gifts, some of them offering handshakes and hugs, and so I ushered them to the tables.

A full list of who's invited, green is for who came, red is for who did not.

Naoki, Ara, Ryouichi, Mitsunobu, Yasuhiro, Masahiro, Tatsuo, Hatsu, Nagata, Tenjin, Kazuaki, Yukiko, Arisa, Mikiko, Sayaka, Miyuki, Hitomi, Rie, Akemi, Maria, Aiko, Yukie, Misaki, and Satsuki.

For those who came, I thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves, because if you do, then I will greatly enjoy myself as well. For those of you who can't or didn't come, 1) I appreciate your reasons why, and it's OK. 2) Too bad, no free food and drinks :P

The food was great despite how classy it looks, and everybody had fun, save for the chilling AC that made people order seconds (for free, of course. HA! :P). And oh, I got presents! Yukiko bought me this weekly agenda/notebook for me, made with fine quality paper that even smells nice (in its own way)....but I loved it less than I loved you (AS A FRIEND) for giving it to me, so thanks! And then Nagata gave me this set of paper stickies that were really interesting, and I love him for that too :P. And then (I think) Rie gave me a canister of photo frame edges that look really nostalgic, perfect for my values photos. And I think (again) Ara gave me some gift vouchers. Off to Kinokuniya I go! :D

I went home with a broad smile. I have great friends, I really do.

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Eta Carinae said...

Hey Yoga, again happy birthday and congrats on being a man...what with having driver's license and KTP and all.
Btw. I am your first school commenter. Yay!
Anyways, what's my Japanese name again? Being so forgetful sure sucks. I commend your blog and can only wish to type? as well as you.

Lim Infinity