Friday, August 22, 2008

New looks, new blablablas.

Waduh gilak gua ga pernah update blog teratur akhir-akhir ini ya, mungkin gara2 IB menyedot kesenangan jiwa mudaku dengan PR dan PR lagi dan PR lagi dan PR lagi dan PR lagi……(when will this end? T___T) So, sebagai balasan gua udah lama ga ngeblog, I'll let y'all peek a little bit of this…..


"Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!"

Yeah , you might've heard about this when you were all little itty bitty babies or even still nonexistent, but this little movie here is going to be dramatized by my school! Before the school got bombed Grade 11 ended, the Performing Arts department issued auditions for this play. So I took my chances and hoped that I get a part as a tree or a rock something significant. So, armed with above average vocal ability enough to send people to the hospital and some shreds of confidence I auditioned...for the Wizard of Oz himself.

And I succeeded. Not that I'm gonna wear some sorta funky looking pointy hat with a gaudy wizard robe...heck, I don't even have the slightest idea what my costume's gonna be. But oh well, at any rate, I look sexy as a wizard anytime. MWAHA. The real show's not due till net year though, so lounge around and wait for more updates! I'm still at the very early stages of rehearsal sih....

S**t, I'm geting bored, I guess I'll have to wrap it up for today. Dilanjutin besok biar lebih semangat dan lebih autis keren....

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